eISSN 2373-3551


Burnout, Life Satisfaction, and Related Factors Among Medical School Seniors at Atatürk University

Elif Okşan Çalıkoğlu, Duygu Kavuncuoğlu, Edanur Köyceğiz, Ercan Kavuncuoğlu

Med Sci Hypotheses 2017; 4:10-17

DOI: 10.12659/MSH.903502

Available online: 2017-02-23

Published: 2017-02-23

ABSTRACT: This study aimed to examine burnout and life satisfaction and to investigate the relationship between them among students in their senior year (year 4) of medical school at Atatürk University.
This descriptive study included a total of 169 medical school seniors of Atatürk University who attended semester VI in the academic year 2015–2016. A questionnaire including sociodemographic items, the Maslach Burnout Inventory-Student Survey (MBI-SS), and Satisfaction With Life Scale (SWLS) were administered.
Of 169 participants, 92 were males and 77 were females. The mean age was 24.7±1.3 (range: 23 to 34) years. Of the dimensions of the MBI-SS, the mean score for exhaustion was 12.07±4.91 (range: 0 to 20), the mean score for cynicism was 8.38±4.04 (range: 0 to 16), and the mean score for efficacy was 8.59±2.80 (range: 0 to 16). The mean score for SWLS was 21.23 ±7.03 (range: 5 to 35). There was a significant and negative relationship between the SWLS and exhaustion (r=–0.216; p=0.002) and cynicism (r=–0.246; p=0.001), and a significant positive relationship was found between the SWLS and efficacy (r=0.169; p=0.014).
Our study results showed a significant negative relationship between life satisfaction and burnout among the medical school seniors.

Keywords: Burnout, Professional, Personal Satisfaction, Students, Medical